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🐱Why In-Home Cat Sitting is the Best💗


Happy Go Lucky Pet Club offers in-home pet sitting for cats and dogs in South Etobicoke and Downtown Toronto.

We believe that in-home cat sitting can be the best option for several reasons:

Comfort and familiarity: Cats are creatures of habit and tend to feel more comfortable in their own environment. By having a cat sitter come to your home, your cat can stay in their familiar surroundings, which can reduce stress and anxiety.

Personalized care: When you hire a cat sitter at Happy Go Lucky, you can provide them with detailed instructions on how to care for your cat. This includes information on their feeding schedule, favourite toys, and any medical needs they may have. A cat sitter can provide personalized care to meet your cat's specific needs.

Reduced risk of illness: Cats can be susceptible to illnesses, especially when they are exposed to other animals in a boarding facility. By having a cat sitter come to your home, you can reduce the risk of your cat contracting an illness.

Home security: Having a cat sitter come to your home also provides an added level of home security. A cat sitter can check on your home while you're away, bringing in mail, watering plants, and ensuring that everything is secure.

Convenience: In-home cat sitting is more convenient than boarding since you don't have to transport your cat to and from a boarding facility. However, cat boarding may be more convenient if you don't want to have someone in your home while you're away.

Overall, in-home cat sitting can provide your cat with personalized care in a comfortable and familiar environment, while also providing you with peace of mind knowing that your home is being looked after while you're away.


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