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Why Choose Us over platforms like Rover?

reasons why you shojld use Happy Go Lucky over Rover

Choosing a private dog walking company, like Happy go Lucky Pet Club, has advantages over a platform like Rover in multiple ways:


Happy Go Lucky has rigorous vetting and training for our walkers, ensuring a high level of accountability and reliability. Other dog walking apps like Rover claim to vet new walkers but they do not meet with new walkers in person to get to know them and make sure they are a good fit. We personally handpick our walkers and make sure to conduct a criminal background check to ensure we are hiring the best walkers, and we provide extensive training.


Unlike other dog walking services, we provide thorough training on how to be a fantastic pack leader before our walkers start! All new pack leaders are required to complete a pet safety/CPR course before beginning to gain all the knowledge required. They also gain all the hands on knowledge with either Tessa or Tanya before going solo with your pup!


Because we have multiple walkers, we offer more flexibility in terms of the time of day that you'd like your walk. If one walker does not have that time in their schedule, another one does!

4)Back-up Walkers/Team of Pack Leaders:

When you hire Happy Go Lucky, you are not just hiring one walker, but a whole team ready to support you and your pet's needs. Sometimes dog walkers (just like everybody else) get sick! When this happens, another pack leader will fill in! Hiring a reliable team such as ours ensures your pup never has to go without a walk.

5)Insurance & Licensing:

Unlike hiring someone from a tech app, Happy Go Lucky Pet Club is fully insured and bonded by ProFur Insurance, providing security for your dog and your property. You can rest assured that you will feel happy go lucky throughout the entire process.


When you choose Happy Go Lucky, you become a part of the community of hundreds of dogs in Etobicoke and Toronto! We share content on socials daily and you can see your pup having a blast and join the vibrant dog loving community. Check out our Instagram, TikTok & Facebook pages!

7)Excellent Communication/reporting:

Happy Go Lucky uses a convenient app for all of our services! Here you will receive individual report cards showing you how your pup's walk went with lots of photos and even GPS tracking! We know you want to know how your pet is doing while you are at work or away so we ensure that communication is one of our top priorities.

The choice between a private dog walking company such as Happy Go Lucky Pet Club and a tech app like Rover depends on your preferences, budget, and the services available in your area, and it is important to research and consider what is the most suitable service for your dog's well-being and your peace of mind.


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