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🐩 To Dog Park ...or... Not to Dog Park 🐕

Toronto and Etobicoke have so many great off-leash dog parks!

Happy Go Lucky Pet Club services South Etobicoke & Humber Bay Shores and Downtown Toronto. Sometimes we visit dog parks such as: Humber Bay Park West Dog Park, Colonel Samuel Smith Dog Park, & Grand Avenue Park in Etobicoke, or CityPlace Dog Park, Liberty Village Dog Park, & Coronation Park Dog Park in Downtown Toronto.

Note: Happy Go Lucky Pet Club only takes your dog to the dog park if it is requested by the owner!!

Here are some pros & cons to help you decide if the off-leash dog park is right for your pup!

Pros of dog parks:

1. Exercise and socialization: Dog parks provide a safe and enclosed space for dogs to run, play, and socialize with other dogs. This is important for their physical and mental well-being. Dogs in the city do not usually get to run around freely so this can be really good for a dog's health and overall happiness.

2. Training and behavior: Dog parks can help dogs learn important socialization skills and obedience training, which can improve their behavior and reduce the risk of aggression towards other dogs and people.

3. Bonding: Dog parks can be a great way for owners to bond with their pets by spending quality time with them and engaging in physical activity together.

4. Community: Dog parks can help build a sense of community among dog owners, who can share information about local resources, dog-friendly businesses, and other topics related to pet ownership.

Cons of dog parks:

1. Safety concerns: Not all dogs are social or well-behaved, and some may become aggressive towards other dogs or people. There is also a risk of injury or illness from rough play or from coming into contact with other dogs that may be sick or may have parasites.

2. Lack of supervision: Dog parks are often unsupervised, which means that owners are responsible for ensuring that their dogs behave appropriately and that they pick up after them.

3. Noise and disturbance: Dog parks can be noisy and disruptive, particularly if there are a lot of dogs barking or running around. If your dog is more reactive then perhaps the dog park isn't the best fit!

4. Maintenance issues: Dog parks require regular maintenance to ensure that they remain safe and clean. This can be costly, and some communities may not have the resources to maintain a dog park properly.


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