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Group Walks vs. Private Walks

Deciding what type of dog walking service to get is important! Happy Go Lucky Pet Club offers both private dog walks and group dog walks in South Etobicoke, particularly the Humber Bay Shores area, and Downtown Toronto at Harbourfront, City Place, Liberty Village and Fort York areas.

Socialization might be very important for you and your dog, so our 30 minute or 1 hour group walk is a perfect solution! In the group walk, we walk a maximum of 3 dogs together, and we make sure the dogs are all a good fit together. Typically smaller dogs, or dogs that are well trained are better suited for our group walks. We will always match your dog to the right group based on their size and how they get along with the other dogs in the group so everyone can have a fun, safe and enjoyable time together!

Sometimes your dog might need a little more attention! Whether they are older, need to walk slower, or are very large dogs with rambunctious personalities, our private walks are the perfect way to get more one-on-one time and full attention with our dedicated walkers. We have seen dogs who start off pulling a lot on their walks become such good little walkers! We’re so proud!

Give us a call to discuss what type of dog walk is the best fit for your dog!


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