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FAQ's: Happy Go Lucky Pet Club 🐶

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured and bonded! All of our Dog Walkers on our team are covered by ProFur which is a specialty insurance policy for pet care professionals. 

Do all your dog walkers have their Pet First Aid Certificate?

Yes! All employees of Happy Go Lucky must obtain their Pet First Aid Certificate in order to be able to become a Dog Walker. This ensures we know the steps to take if a dog becomes injured or an emergency were to occur. 

Do all your Dog Walkers have a criminal record check?

Yes, all of our Dog Walkers must pass a police check before becoming a Dog Walker with Happy Go Lucky Pet Club.

Do you offer discounts for additional dogs?

Yes, we offer 15% off for any additional dog per household on group walk services.

What payment do you accept?

We send Quickbooks invoices and they can be paid by credit card only. No cash or e-transfers are accepted at this time.

When is payment due?

We send invoices once a week on Fridays. 

What are your hours of operation?

Private dog walk services are offered Monday - Friday from 10am - 4pm. Group walk pick up times are Monday - Friday between two time slots: 10:00am - 11:30am and 12:30pm-2pm.

Weekend walks and hours outside of the above service times are by request only.

How do I schedule my services?

We give you access to our company dog walking app where you will schedule your services! This is also where you will see our GPS route, daily report card and daily photo updates.

How would I cancel an appointment and what is the cancellation fee?

We ask that you please cancel before 4pm the day before your scheduled appointment. If not, you will be charged a $5 late fee. You would need to cancel the service in the app.

How far in advance can I book an appointment?

You can book appointments anytime in advance up until the day before an appointment! For same day appointment requests, please reach out to Tanya or Tessa and they can try to help accommodate last minute bookings. 

Do you charge additional fee for holidays?

We typically do not work on holidays, unless by special request. In this case, the rate is 1.5x 

Do we need to provide any of the walking gear?

All we ask is that you provide us with a well fitted harness (not a collar) as it is the safest, most secure and comfortable way to hook a leash up for the dog. We use our own dog walking belts, leashes, and heavy duty carabiners for the maximum safety while walking.

What kind of treats do you give your dogs?

We give your dogs 100% beef liver treats.

Do you take my dog to the dog park?

No, we do not go to any dog parks. We do on-leash walking only, getting as many kilometers as possible!

How do you group dogs?

We group dogs based on how they get along with each other, their size and personality!

How many dogs do you walk at once in a pack?

We walk a maximum of 3 dogs at once in a pack! This ensures our Dog Walkers can pay attention to each dog's individual needs.

Will you cancel walks if the weather is bad?

Nope! Happy Go Lucky walks in rain, shine or snow! If the weather is really bad, we might have to alter the walk slightly, but regardless we will always show up for your pooch no matter what.

How will you store my key?

Each key is labeled only with the pet’s name, and the client address list is kept in a completely separate location to maintain confidentiality.

What are the requirements for group walks?

All dogs looking to join our group walks must be neutered or spayed and have their full set of vaccinations. 


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