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Dog Walking With A Dog That Pulls

Dogs love to be outside and to feel free while they explore - and this is super natural! Sometimes, though, this can manifest in overexcitement, leash reactivity and pulling, which can make walking your dog very difficult. However, there are several methods that can be used to help train your dog to walk more calmly on leash.

First of all, the appropriate gear will be of utmost importance while training your dog to walk well. When you sign up for your private walks with Happy Go Lucky Pet Club and your dog is leash reactive please make sure to provide a harness that will be helpful for our dog walkers to provide a pleasant walk for your pup. A chest harness or front clip harness helps to reduce the strength of your dogs pulling allowing them to have the optimal dog walking experience.

Here are 5 ways to help with a pulling dog:

  1. Appropriate gear - chest harness, strong leash

  2. Appropriate pressure on leash so dog knows they need to stay close - not too much slack on leash

  3. Stopping method - do not give them what they want basically, stand still for a few minutes

  4. Positive Reinforcement - treats when they are walking nicely

  5. Commands that the dog recognizes - Go, Stay, Stop

  6. Be patient & walk your pup often so they do not feel the need to go crazy while they are outside.


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