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6 Reasons Why Exercise is SO Important for City Dogs

All dogs need exercise but how much can depend on several factors such as age, breed, weight, etc. Here are 6 ways that dog walking will improve your Toronto city pooch’s quality of life:

  1. Build a stronger bond with your dog. Whether you take your dog out for a walk, a run or a swim you are building a connection and trust with your dog. This is important for their emotional and mental health and they feel like you are paying attention to them. They get to experience the sunshine and the outdoors which is excellent for their well-being.

  2. Builds trust and confidence in you and their environment. Eases anxiety related issues such as excessive barking, licking or chewing, or disorderly walking while out. Allows your dog to become comfortable around other people and other dogs for a comfortable dog walking experience. Routines are super important for dogs and they help regulate them and their behavior.

  3. Dog walking is awesome for training your dog. Walking a dog on a leash is a great way to begin training your puppy. Puppies learn obedience and discipline by walking on a leash. You can teach your dog to follow your instructions on a leash, which will help them in other areas of training. The routine of the daily walk gets your dog’s energy out and they are likely to be more calm and well-behaved all around; at home and on your walks!

  4. Daily dog walks will keep your dog limber and in good physical condition. It encourages the movement of fluid in your dog’s joints allowing them to be less rigid and have ease of movement. This will be very beneficial as your dog ages.

  5. Encourages a healthy digestive system. Helps your dog stick to a routine and go to the bathroom when they need to. This relieves constipation and reduces risk of bladder infections.

  6. Encourages healthy weight and prevents life-threatening diseases from obesity such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension and more. Overall, adequate exercise through dog walking will improve the health of your pup in many ways!


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