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5 Reasons To Sign Your Dog Up For Group Walks

1. Socialization

Socialization is one of the top reasons why dog owners decide to sign their dogs up for group walks. A well socialized dog is a confident dog and a dog that will enjoy new people, places and animals throughout his or her life and is less likely to be fearful or act aggressively out of fear. Over time, walking together builds trust. Walking together tends to avoid competition and insecurities that come with other kinds of socialization.

2. Learned Good Behaviors From Other Dogs

Dogs look to one another for cues about how to behave. So when they are walking and your dog notices the other dogs are walking next to the dog walker with a slack leash, and sees them get rewarded for their good behavior on their walk, they will try to do the same as well to get rewarded. When forming groups, we position dogs so that well-behaved dogs can model behavior and less well-behaved dogs can learn.

3. Group Walks Are Fun!

Signing your dog up for daily group walks is a great way to provide them with regular scheduled playdates with their friends! They will thank you for this by being calmer when they get home.

4. Supervised By A Dog Walking Professional

By signing your dog up for group walks, you can rest assured that your dog will be well cared for while they are socializing with other pups! Our team will do everything we can to keep your dog happy and safe. We only pair dogs up with other compatible dogs in a group that all have their vaccines.

5. Great Exercise

Group walks are a great way to give dogs good exercise and allow them to explore as a group and experience new sights and smells! Fitting all the time your dog needs to exercise into your schedule can be a challenge, especially if you are limited in space. Group walks will make for a tired dog who will sleep when left alone the rest of the day and is less likely to be destructive out of boredom.

Email us at today to find out if group walks are right for you and your pup. We are currently accepting new clients!


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