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4 Ways to Make Cold Weather Walks More Safe & Enjoyable

Winter dog walks can be such a blast, especially when you’re prepared! Happy Go Lucky Pet Club offers dog walking in Etobicoke and Toronto all year long, including the cold winter! Here are 4 ways to make your pup’s winter walk more enjoyable.

1. Booties/Foot Protection:

Dog paws get cold walking on the cold wet ground with no protection! This is why in colder temperatures some dogs benefit from booties! We know they aren’t always popular among dogs but if your dog allows it please leave a pair out for your dog walker to put on your dog. They are helpful in preventing frost-bite.

2. Jackets & Sweaters:

Not only will it make them extremely stylish, but a proper sweater or jacket is important for your dog in cold weather temperatures. Depending on the breed, this is even more important. For example, chihuahuas are tiny and get cold very easily and need extra warmth in the winter.

3. Moisturize Toe Beans:

If your dog has dry skin on their paws it can be very helpful to moisturize the toe pads in between walks. A basic oil should do just the trick, like coconut oil! The cold and dry weather makes them prone to cracking and this can be very uncomfortable for dogs.

4. Towel for drying off after:

On rainy or snowy days please leave out a towel so your dog walker can wipe down your pup! The last thing we want is a wet pup getting paw prints on your couch or rug!


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